Truth be told, my get up and go… got up and went. I haven’t written much since the Jamison deal fell through because I didn’t want to wah, wah, wah all over the place. But the loss tonight to the St. Louis Blues has me singing the blues, losing a bet, and as a result, I owe former NHL netminder turned Blues goalie coach, Corey Hirsch, not only two beers but an article.

Much like the Yotes play tonight, I feel “meh.”  It gets me to wondering; are they letting the ownership thing get inside their heads? I can’t explain their uneven and inconsistent play. Smitty seems lost in the woods; to borrow a musing from Space Cadet Bryz and the rest of the team is either hot or cold. With a rest day yesterday, the team should’ve come out with more fire. Now coming off this loss, we are looking forward to games on games on games over the next week.

Who is going to light a fire under their collective asses and get them in gear?

If I was filming the Coyotes over the last owner-less seasons, I might title the resulting movie,

“Slapshot-the Desert Years.”

 When Moyes first jumped ship to head for zee hills, I jokingly said, “Who own da Chiefs?” which seemed funny at the time. But here we are, years later; living out the same sort of “Slapshot” plot over and over like Ground Hog Day.

Now I don’t pretend to really understand the game as I’ve played limited time in a women’s league. And as I’ve repeatedly written, I’ve had the honor of coaching mini-mites within the USA Hockey system. So while my hockey knowledge is spotty, I do know a thing or two about branding. I think if my team was going to be sold in what essentially amounts to a fire sale, I’d be tap dancing and dangling my way into the hearts of every potential owner, hockey coach, scout and team out there. I’d want to play my frickin’ heart out every night knowing that an impression made could be a spot earned. And to the loyal fans that have put up with so much crap over the years, and to the new fans to be had, I’d be shouting, “love me, love me, love me!” until they did. I’d provide them with so much to love that they’d always want to be my fan; that no matter what city I ended up in; I’d feel welcome. But I guess it’s easier said than done, eh?

So here we go…this long road trip brings us to the red hot COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS- OH-WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST TYPE?  I CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE I TYPED THAT but it’s true…. Nine game point streak for the CBJ’s.

Guess who feels like an idiot for constantly making fun of those silly Jackets?

….Pretty much me, the little brunette.

And then after that we have the LA QUEENS followed immediately by a digestif of the LA QUEENS.


 Let’s all warm up with a chant of “Ref You Suck!” for those games.

And then we get a lil visit from the Canucks who are currently sittin’ pretty in first over at the Northwest division. So that’ll be an easy “W” there.

Oh my head.

 I know we say, “This is the most important game of the season”…. a lot… but seriously, these are the most important games of the season, boys. I’ll be right here watching; rooting for you; shouting out my usual helpful instructions like “shoot!” and “clear it!” but please, guys-give me something to love. We heard it over and over last season, “how can you not fall in love with this team?” I wanna be completely in love with you again. Because I have to admit; I’ve been cheating a little bit. I’ve longed for the point streak of the Blackhawks. I’ve caught myself casting sideways glances at the Ducks. So, what’s next? A light café supper with Les Habitants??

 Mon Dieu!     Let’s hope not.

Ugh. I’m done. Cause I’m definitely wah, wah, wah-ing over here. I say, bring on the Columbus Blue Jackets. Somebody’s got to end their nine game point streak. Might as well be us.

Let’s Go Yotes!