Call me naïve. I really thought that we’d never experience the type of bias and B.S. that we were served last season in the series with the Kings. But here I am, a full two hours done with this season’s game, and I’m still shaking my head. Tip was awfully kind in staying away from blaming the officials but since I’m just a fan, I can be as honest as I want to be.

Goalie interference, as I understand it, usually contains contact with the goalie while the goalie is contained in the crease. The call that was made on the ice clearly showed that Quick was outside of the crease. The more they showed the replay on the Tron, The more incensed the crowd became. Who can blame them? But as Tip pointed out, them’s the breaks and you have a choice; you can either lie down and give up or you can overcome it. Knowing this team as we do, they will overcome it somehow. They were branded with “Hockey the Hard Way” and it looks like they're stuck with it.

Several shining moments for me in this game:

Boedker scores!

 This kid is so fast. Wow. I had great seats and a wonderful vantage point to truly see his speed up close. If Tip is looking for a “way to win” then they need to develop the talent of this player. (By the way, I hate that term; “Find a way to win.” It implies that there’s no real plan in place. It suggests that winning is somewhere out there, lost in the desert and we just have to locate it in order to get some points. Sorry Boys, but “hope” is not a plan. A plan is a plan. Correct the mistakes, develop the talent, make execution automatic.) In watching this game from up close, I observed the workings of the King’s defense. It’s not surprising that they went all the way last year. They took away so much from the Coyotes tonight. They were everywhere they should have been; chipping away at each opportunity in an automatic fashion. Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent. Time for the Coyotes to start making the good things permanent.

Doan gets bullish on Brown and Richards.

Sometimes hard feelings carry over to new seasons and this was definitely the case tonight. Doan, like the big bull that he is, waited until he was good and frustrated and then unleashed his anger on first Brown and then Richards. He literally picked up Brown in a wrestling style move and slammed him to the ice like a sack of taters. It felt so good to witness; I can’t imagine how it felt to actually do it. And then, Richards; jawing at Doan, asking for a fight, and our Captain answered the call with “yes.” Later, Doan, being the saint that he is, stated that he had “made a bad call” by taking himself out of the game. I disagree, the game was gone by then; we needed that sweet revenge, that moment to say to the Kings (and the refs?) – “we saw what you did and you’re not getting away with it.”

Gordon goes twigless

I get mad at Gordon for blocking so many shots, especially because he ends up hurt a lot. We can’t afford to have him hurt. Right now, or at least last time I checked, he had the highest face off percentage on our team. Watching him lose his stick, which essentially put the team on a PK of ludicrous proportions, and then seeing him deal with that adversity by simply giving everything over to taking away lanes and blocking any potential shots….all I can say is “wow.” This player will do anything to help his team win. That’s Coyotes hockey. Gordon embodies that “never give up” spirit so I am going to stop worrying about him blocking shots. Have at it Gordo, they're your teeth to lose.


There were a few other things that went well; for instance the salt on my expensive pretzel was pretty much perfectly placed but for the most part the execution for nearly every person on the team was a bit off. The season is not lost yet but if the team doesn’t start getting in gear, the lack of points will soon leave them hopelessly behind.