You may have heard by now; our very own Gila River Casino’s “Man Of The Year” did a very kind thing recently. While in a cab in Arizona, he found a cash laden wallet belonging to a Canadian tourist named Ryan Bodnar. Instead of taking the cash and booking a fun trip to Vegas, Paul Bissonnette (aka @Biznasty2point0) took to his twitter account and posted a photo of Bodnar’s ID. Amongst his many, many followers was a person who recognized Bodnar’s name and “WalletGate” was resolved expeditiously.



I reached out to Paul via text and he responded stating, “The Kid (Bodnar) tipped the cabbie an extra $100 for bringing it back.”

 This story proves the long held theory that Canadians are pretty much the nicest people on the planet.



(For the ladies: I did ask Paul if he'd be donning a tight spandex suit anytime soon due to his "super hero" status. He politely replied ha-ha. So I think there's still a chance. Fingers crossed....)