I keep thinking that I’ve forgotten something….what could it be…what could it be?

Oh ya, I forgot to be right about the Coyotes making the playoffs. Whoopsie. In actuality, I cannot say that I was wrong because as you know women are never wrong; so let’s just say that I was just south of right about this year’s team.

 At least I was spot on about some of the factors that would come into play this season; injuries to key players, lack of practice time in a grueling schedule, missing the magic of the Wizard feeding Vrbata and as always; lousy reffing (I’m looking at you Tim Peel) and lack of discipline. When we were on the PP, more often than not we’d take a stupid penalty to negate the advantage.

Much like a bad romance, the chemistry this season was off. The lines never seemed to gel like last season.

Gah, it was like a meat eater dating a vegan.

And all those lucky bounces that went our way last season; the last minute goals that used to thrill us? Well, this year a lot of those thrills went to the opposing teams. This year, when the last minute of play would roll around, I’d literally watch between my fingers, scared and knowing that the opposing puck would find its way into the back of the net with just seconds left.

And let’s visit- just for a moment-the psychological mess that was Schmitty. First off, he cut his hair; a big no-no in the superstitious world of hockey. Was it a Britney Spears-esque cry for help? I guess we’ll never know.  Secondly, he was coming off the BEST YEAR EVAH. The pressure to repeat must have been tremendous. His record this season was critical because it’s his signing year. Had he signed at the end of last season, he could’ve gotten what he wanted.

This year; not so much.

Watching him mid-truncated-season, his dropping percentages seemed to get inside his head. Every puck in seemed like another dollar sign gone. The odd thing is this though-if you compare the stats of the two seasons side by side, he wasn’t that far off his game. Here’s a tweet courtesy of @JmeEisner


Mike Smith this season: 34GP (15-12-5) 2.58GAA .910 SV% 5 SO;

Smith last season through 34 games: (17-11-7) 2.32GAA .927 SV% 2 SO.




Interesting, huh? Maybe he just needed a lil more season and a lil less lockout?

Ah well, I could speculate all day and frankly there’s so much that I’m not going to soldier on through the recap of the annus horribilis.*

It’s time to turn my attention to play off hockey! Because as you know, Barbie loves hockey. And any hockey is good hockey. Next up, my predictions for the playoffs with a lil help from my friends….




*Thank you to my grade ten Latin teacher.